Wednesday 29 June 2011

Swooning over Erie Basin

I'm glued to every update on Erie Basin. He has such an eye for exquisitely designed jewelry and antiques. This ring is by far my favourite that he's ever posted. I've never seen anything quite like it. It's such a unique design and would make a wonderful engagement ring. Sadly for me it sold quite quickly, but I'm sure that someone out there is lovingly wearing it.

Tuesday 28 June 2011


It seemed like everyone was raving about Pinterest a few weeks ago. I made an account, but never bothered to log on until today. Boy do I regret waiting! Having a visual bookmarking system is so handy! This will replace my bookmarking into folders and emailing myself links all of the time to stockpile inspiration. There's nothing worse than searching through your email going through links that you haven't described well enough.

If you're on Pinterest follow me at and I will return the favour!

Monday 27 June 2011

Sugar Beach

This weekend we decided to explore Sugar Beach - a new beach that opened last summer on Toronto's waterfront. The beach is beside the Redpath Sugar factory (hence the name) and wound up to be a nice pit-stop along the waterfront.

Ryan looking out onto Lake Ontario

We also had a wonderful dinner at Against the Grain - my new favourite patio downtown. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the meal. There aren't many restaurants directly on the water, let alone ones with delicious food! A definite recommend for any Torontonians.

What better to top off a great meal than some awesome golf themed cupcakes! Thanks to Ryan for bringing them home.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Scenes from the Christie Antique Show

This bear was definitely a highlight. While not a real bear, it was about seven feet tall and constantly had people crowding around.

The Christie Lake Conservation Area is such an awesome venue. The day started out super foggy, but cleared up mid-day. Makes the crowds more manageable!

I loved the colour of this painting of Maligne Lake in Jasper. Such great memories of time out there made it tempting to want to buy this!

This table was a great idea for anyone who collects printing blocks like myself.

And the one that got away... I fell in love with this circa 1890s hand-cut wood cutout of the Lord's Prayer, but had to walk away. It was huge and weighed a ton.

I walked away with some great jewelry for the shop. I also grabbed an etched copper plate & beaded clutch for myself.

Onto the next show...