Tuesday 31 January 2012

Vintage Valentine's Day Gifts

Every girl hopes for a sentimental gift on Valentine's Day. Here are my picks for great vintage Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to make any gal happy.

Vintage Heart Locket - jeanjeanvintage on Etsy

This locket from jean jean vintage is a beautiful example of a traditional heart shaped locket. Pre-filled with pictures or not, any vintage lover will appreciate the sentiment!

Vintage Copper Engraved Cuff - WholeheartedVintage on Etsy
One of a kind gifts are always a great choice. Engraved with "Touch the Wind With Love", this bracelet's message perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love.

Love Token Locket - samcoins on Etsy
There's such a great history behind love tokens. If you're lucky enough to find one with your honey's initials don't pass it up!

Riley Love Lyrics - Published 1905 - joyofvintagewithsam on Etsy
For the literary fans how about an antique 'love' themed book. The best part of books from this era are the beautiful art nouveau covers!

These are certainly gifts that would tug my heart strings. Next I'll be posting my pics for great handmade Valentine's gifts.

Thursday 5 January 2012

feverfew lockets by Olivia Mew

I came across these wonderful handmade lockets by Olivia Mew on Etsy. They all feature transparencies printed with original illustrations. She also sells awesome prints, buntings and patches. Check them out - they look awesome!

Bunny requiem locket by shopfeverfew on Etsy
Setina trapped illustration locket by shopfeverfew on Etsy
Persian home locket by shopfeverfew on Etsy

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Vintage French Happy New Year Labels by petitefabrique on Etsy

Ringing 2012 in with close friends at our first ever house party was great! We've finally done enough work on the house that it feels like home. I'm feeling re-energized for the new year and have lots of great plans. First on the list: fixing up a Hamilton Printers cabinet to use for all of my jewelry storage. 

Less to do around the house means more time for listing awesome jewelry in the shop. I've got some beautiful pairs of earrings I can't wait to share and much more!

2012 will also be full of wedding planning - so expect posts on the process as we delve into locations, decorations and dresses oh my!